Takashi Yoshida profile

Managing Director / President - PLANS, Ltd.
Photographer / Journalist / Travel Writer
Consultant for Copy right, other rights and Stock Photo Industry in Japan

5-17-2 Inamuragasaki Kamakura 248-0024 Japan
Tel/Fax: 81-467-31-0330 Mobile: 080-1198-9911

JPS Japan Professinal Photographers Society
APA Japan Advertising Photographers Association
JAAS The Japan Association for American Studie
CLAJ The Copyright Law Association of Japan
Member of Council:
AJS The Amarica Japan Society Inc.
USA Membership:
WBCCI Wally Byam Caravan Club International Inc.

Brief Personal History:
1942 Born in Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
1958 Member of Photo Club of Shinjuku High School, started photography
1966 Graduated Dept. of Photography of Arts of Nippon University, Tokyo
1975 Founded Takashi Yoshida Photo Library
1986 Founded JPRC Japan Photo Research Center, Inc.
1999 Founded CHROMADEX website.
2002 Founded APL online.
2004 APL and APL online moved to JTB Photo. PLANS, Ltd. moved from YS Bldg. to Kamako. Kaikan Bldg. in Kamakura.
2004 Founded Consulting and Photographing office in PLANS, Ltd. for Copyright business and Stock Photo Industry in Kamakura.
2010 PLANS, Ltd. moved to Inamuragasaki Kamakura.

Professional Activities:
1967-1968 First one year 42 States photographing tour in the USA. Many such long-term photographing tours have been undertaken since, covering the total distance of more than 200,000 miles by car and car with Travel Trailer (Airstream) in all the 50 States of the U.S. and other countries where his camera covered include Canada, Mexico, African countries, European countries and 5 ASEAN Countries of Asian countries.

National Geographic Magazine (May 1983 issue)

Newspapers and Journals:
His reports, photographic works and articles appeared in the following publication such as...

In Japan:
NHK English (monthly magazine almost every month since 1970s)
The Japan Times publication (very week in 3 years about the 50 States of the U.S. for Student Times)
Travel Journal
Nihon to Sekai no Tabi (A World Travel Magazine)
Sawayaka (Monthly, 12 month)
Motor Fan (Monthly 24 month)
Mainichi Graph
Asahi Graph
The Asahi Weekly
The Asahi
The Mainichi
The Mainichi Weekly
The Yomiuri
The Yomiuri Weekly
The Yomiuri (English Daily)
The Leisure Asahi
Kikan Minzokugaku
P.H.P. International
JAF Mate
Watashi no Kuruma
Tokyo Shinbun
Kyodo News Agency
Friendly Sky (UA)
Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Nikkei)
Nikkei Sangyo Shinbun
Hot Dog
Heibon Punch
Cruse & Resort Magazine

Outside Japan:
National Geographic Magazine
GEO, Photo District News
Trailer Life
Motor Home Life
RV Retailer
Oregon Trail

1981 Amerika Doraibu Zen Guide and Amerika Doraibu Guide (A comprehensive guide book of automobile trip in the U.S. JTBf s World Guide "Drive yourself through USA, total of 6 editions), 1990 Driving in America (Pub. By the Japan Times), West Coast Drive, American Camping.

Photo Books "American Photo Story":
1992 America Deep South.
1992 America South.
1992 America North East.
1992 America Midwest.
1992 America West.
1993 America West Coast.

TV and Radio assignments:
* 1971 One hour program about Takashi Yoshida tour on NTV network Kinbara Jiro Show (Nationwide Morning).
* Conducted filming crews for NTV network's most popular program "11PM" (Nationwide Night News Show) and appeared in its American series every summer.
* Appeared in Fuji TV's "Sanji no Anata" (Nationwide 3:00pm News Show).
* 1976 NET TV network's "Caravan America"(Worked together with Bennet Patterson).
* 1984 NTV network's TV series, 6 program about the United States (konnichiwa Amerika, Sponsored by USTTA, Dept. of Commerce, U.S. Government).
* English for Million Talks on Traveling to the United States on Nationwide Radio10 Minutes talk on Automobile tour to the U.S. for RCC Radio.

* In 1999 TV Kanagawa series gNational Parks of the United Statesh.

Exhibitions of Photographic Works:
* 1973 Camping America a Tamagawa Takashimaya Tokyo (50 Prints).
* 1984 "Around Holland" at the Japan's best Gallery, Fuji Photo Salon, Ginza. (128 prints).
* 1984 "Around Holland" at the Asahi News Paper Gallery in Nagoya (128 prints)
* 1988 "20 Year Anniversary photographing Tour to the U.S" at the World Travel Fair '88.
* 1991 One Man show of Photograph "Zenbei 50 shu 50 Kei" (50 States by 50 photographs) at YS Bldg. and the American Club in Tokyo.
* 1999 Collaboration Ansel Adamsg A Legacy; Masterworks from The Friends of Photography Collection" Touring Exhibition

* 1979 Plantation Homes in Louisiana at the Southern American Cultural Society.
* 1983 From Gulf of Mexico to Lake Itasca at the same society,
* 1989 My 20 years of America at the American and Canadian Studies, Sophia Univ. in Tokyo.
* 1990 American Camping for Welaging Society.
* 1990 City of Portland for Rotary Club in Setagaya, Tokyo.
* 1993 "Grand Circle, Utah " with slides shows for JTB World in Osaka.

* 2002 gSuccessful Exhibitions of Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) outside of Japanh at Hanga Kenkyukai and CWAJ in Tokyo.

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5-17-2 Inamuragasaki Kamakura 248-0024, Japan
phone/fax: 81-467-31-0330 Cell :080-1198-9911